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There are different colors in the rainbow,
they are all important, for all of us.

Terapia Sateenkaari




Speech language therapy

Occupational therapy

The Rainbow Therapy Centre for Children and Young People provides services for individualized medical rehabilitation. The Centre began its work in the Turku region of Finland in 1998 and is situated in a peaceful environment a few kilometers from the Turku city center. It is maintained by the bilingual (Finnish-Swedish) Association Terapiayhdistys Sateenkaari r.y. /Terapiföreningen Regnbågen r.f.

The services provided involve several different specializations, including the rehabilitation of children’s neurological disorders. Under one and the same roof our clients can receive physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech-language therapy. The therapies are open to children of all ages from the new-born to school leavers. The therapies are planned and provided according to a rehabilitation plan done by a medical rehabilitation group at the public health care. The therapy can begin when the client has received an admission note from e.g. KELA or the public health care. The intervention can then be performed at the therapy center, as telepractice, at home, at the day care or in school, depending on how it is specified in the admission note.  In addition to rehabilitation, the Centre provides related services for assessment and consultation, and events for clients and customers.

We are proud of The Rainbow’s distinctive ways of offering client families the best possible kind of help. Our mission involves top quality medical rehabilitation in a homely environment, close cooperation with the client families and between the different therapies, the development and application of new forms of treatment, and modes of work which exactly answer to each family’s own particular needs and circumstances. The Centre and the Association also have strong links with both public authorities and other private organizations.

See you under the Rainbow!

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Physiotherapy and aquatherapy

Speech language therapy

Occupational therapy

Physiotherapy and aquatherapy

Physiotherapist (1988)
Basic studies in special pedagogy
NDT/Bobath, NDT/Bobath Babies
Theraplay Basics
A kindergarten teacher

Physiotherapist (1986),
Special Medical Gymnast (1994)
NDT/Bobath, NDT/Bobath Babies
Training in orofacial therapy, basic studies in sports medicine
A kindergarten teacher

Part-time study leave from 1.2.2024

Physiotherapist UAS (2018)
NDT/Bobath - Introductory Level

Physiotherapist UAS (2015)

Physiotherapist UAS (2007)
NDT/Bobath, NDT/Bobath baby

Speech language therapy

Speech Therapist FM (2016)
Oral Placement Therapy, level 1

Speech Therapist FM (2010)
Oral Placement Therapy, level 2
An empowering interaction

Speech Therapist FM (2014)
certificate Oral Placement Therapy/Talk Tools, level 2

Speech Therapist FM (1990)
cert. Theraplay- Therapist (2005)
Training in Orofacial Therapy (2001)
Oral Placement Therapy / Talk Tools, level 3 (2016)

Occupational therapy

Family leave

Occupational therapist UAS (2012)

Occupational therapist UAS (2010)
A solution-oriented neuropsychiatric coach
A solution-oriented animal-assisted coach

Occupational therapist UAS (2019)

Occupational therapist UAS (1999)
SI- Therapist (therapy and assessment)

Occupational therapist UAS (2006)
SI- Therapist
A solution-oriented neuropsychiatric coach
In the training of expressive art therapy (Inartes institute)